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    We're offering FREE advice and support to businesses experiencing difficulties with their IT infrastructure

CIS IT Surgery Helpdesk

The CIS IT Surgery Helpdesk has been created to help businesses who are struggling with IT issues in light of the COVID 19 - coronavirus pandemic.

Having the ability to work remotely can help your business to combat the disruption caused by the the coronavirus.

 Unfortunately, many organisations will have encountered a host of different IT challenges when trying to work remotely.

Naturally, CIS want to help businesses and individuals to overcome any IT barriers which are hindering your business operations.

At CIS we are passionate about empowering businesses through IT development. 

In response to the current situation many businesses now find themselves in, CIS are giving FREE expert advice to help minimise business disruption.

Whats your IT challenge?

Have business operations slowed down because of an IT issue?

Having issues with remote working?

Think you've been hacked?

We would love to help!

How The CIS IT Surgery Works


Discover your IT Challenge


Complete the "here to help" booking form


You'll receive a confirmation email from us - this email will detail the meeting time


Accept our IT surgery invite and join our call


You will receive expert advice on what to do next regarding your IT Challenge


Please Note*

CIS Ltd will not be held liable for any technical issues which cannot be resolved or held responsible for lost work or damaged hardware. The IT surgery is a fee of charge goodwill service, aimed at helping individuals and business to diagnose, and fix IT problems through our expert advice.

See you soon!